Smoky Mountains Trip – Planning

Norton Shores Michigan


To start off, i am a terrible planner. Needless to say I had ‘planned’ (if you can call it that) a trip for four to hike a 25(ish) mile long portion of the trail in Tennessee ending near Gatlinburg.

Now here is what I didn’t do. I didn’t register campsites for the hike until yesterday, which was only 3 weeks before the trip. Now if you haven’t ever registered for campsites on the Appalachian trail in the middle of the summer, they run out fairly fast. So our first nights stay is at Russell Field (left most marker), where we then would hike to Silers Bald, which is about a 13 mile distance. Trail Map

From there we move to Mt. Collins (right most marker) and then to Mt. Leconte, which isn’t pictured but is only about 5 miles from Mt. Collins.

Needless to say this is a tough hike for inexperienced hikers. I really shouldn’t have planned such a long hike for amateurs, but like i said, I am a terrible planner.

So my plan is to hike every weekend and camp out in a remote place near my home to get ready for the strenuous hike. So look forward to a post this weekend on my one night hiking trip.

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