The piece my paper wouldn’t publish…

I actually work as a contributing writer to my local paper and posed a possible HONY-esque column for the paper. As i submitted my first piece however, they never replied, and I have since not been able to get them to publish it. Today I asked the subject’s permission to post it here. Below is a portion of my interview with them:


“I’m a first-generation immigrant, my parents are undocumented themselves. No one has gone to the bottom from losing everything more than my father. He came here, opened a business in Chicago, then the business failed. So, we moved to Michigan where he opened a business in Fenville. After 30 years, the economic crisis hit Michigan, and his business went with it. After that we moved to Holland with my ex-husband, that failed and now we are in Shelby. How much is that of the American dream? Where you just keep trying and trying and trying again, never giving up. That’s how I see it.”

-Shelby Michigan

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