From here on out

Today marks a change in the direction of this blog. Since it’s inception my goal was to document my camping adventures while focusing on my personal journey through anxiety and depression. I believe I have fallen short on that.

I have decided that from here on out this blog will be primarily focused on anxiety and depression, and how I use camping and other activities to deal with it, not the reverse. I have been increasingly having anxiety attacks and suicidal thoughts and they are ruining my life. I believe this is true for so many others out there as well. Anxiety and depression are not made up problems. They are real and they are crippling. To this end I have decided to make this blog my personal journal of dealing with these issues, in hopes that they help someone else out there. I also will be starting a podcast, talking about these issues in another format and in a different way.

My hope is that you will join me in this journey, and that through my own personal journey you might also be able to overcome your struggles.

Thank you.

Garrett Near

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